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This website has been written by Delapre pupils to help children stay safe on the Internet. As part of the new ICT curriculum, children in year 5 have been researching and choosing content to populate this site over the past term.

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They have chosen what issues and areas need to be covered, what children need to be aware of when using the Internet, created their own E-safety animations (using iStopmotion on the ipads) and voting polls as well as links to various national campaigns.

The website logo was designed by Gemma and voted for by the whole of year 5 as the best design.

Here is the school’s policy on Internet use for parents and staff:

DPS Internet Acceptable Use Policy 2014 (click to download)

Here is the school’s policy for Internet use written by the school council and displayed in every classroom and ICT areas:

DPS Our Online Rules  (click to download)

DPS Our online Rules

Parents information from ‘Teach Today’:

parents e-safety talk Teach Today  (click to download)

Kidsmart online rules which we follow at Delapre Primary School

smart rules

Here are some videos from year 5 advising on all kinds of E safety issues. (More videos can be found on each page/tab)


Recommended educational websites about E-safety:







UK Safer Internet Day website


CEOP website


E-Safety animations:


Disney Education Productions: Timon and Pumbaa

Stay Sharp on the Internet

UK Safer Internet Centre

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What can ChildLine help me with?

If you are feeling sad, upset, stressed or just want someone to talk to we can help.

You can speak to ChildLine about anything. Some of the things that you might want to contact ChildLine about are:

• Physical abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Emotional abuse
• Neglect
• Bullying, including cyber-bullying

ChildLine counsellors will understand the sort of problems you might be worried about and won’t judge you.

Childline’s website:



Cyber bullying advice: