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Year 5 have been working on some E-safety acrostics and videos:


Everyone can be safe on the internet

Safe sites are on the web if you look for them

Anyone can lie to you on the web

Fun, it can be easy to hack

Even fun games can be bad

The popups can lie to you

You could be led to believe untrue things


Be safe on the Internet.

Everyone needs to be careful.

Smart means you know who you’re talking to.

Always tell mum or dad if you see something bad

Find a button to report a bullying post

Extra help your parents will give you on this



Be safe online

E Safety is important

Stay on sites you feel safe on.

Activate security settings on your devices.

Facebook isnt entirely safe or legal for people under 13 years of age.

Educate people about cyber bullying. Its not nice.

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Efficiency is the key to being safe on the internet.

Safety is the most important thing to not being bullied.

Anyone can keep their personal details PRIVATE from cyber bullies.

Friends can help out as well as your teacher.

E-safety is the is the one thing you need to use to be safe.

Tell your parents at home and teachers at school about what has happened.

You need to watch what you put up on the Internet.


Education on the internet: for safety playing games where you talk to others

Stay on games suitable for your age

Act fast if you get cyber bullied so report it to the police

Frequently tell an adult if someone asks to meet up and do not go

E safety is important so you don’t get in trouble

Tell someone if you see something inappropriate

You are now safe online!


General advice from Nojus,David and Owen

Always type in the correct spelling .

Be careful what images you are looking at.

Never tell anyone online your personal details.

Computer facts could be a lie, look in a book instead

If something upsets you turn it off or shut it down.

Tell an adult what you site you are on.


Safety is the key especially when on the internet.

Anti-cyber bullying is what the world wants.

Feel as safe as you can be when using the Internet

Tell an adult if you see anything that worries you.

Everyone should feel safe on the Internet.

You don’t know who you’re giving information to.


Enjoy but be safe

Safety first so you can enjoy the Internet

Cyber bullies, they are nasty people so don’t be one!

Fun and games but be a sensible person and be nice

Tell your friends and family to be safe on the Internet

You never cyber bully, it’s a bad thing


Education teaches people to be safe on the Internet.

Safety should be important to you.

Anyone can steal your private information if you aren’t careful.

Friendship is sometimes not what it appears.

E-safety is important because anybody could be lying to you.

Try to follow this acrostic.

You should think about your actions and tell someone if you see something not appropriate.


Stay safe on the Internet.

After you have given away your information people can track you down.

Follow these rules to stay safe.

Tell your parents if there are any unpleasant things on the Internet.

Everyday you can be safe on the Internet with your parents knowledge.

Your parents are there for you everyday if you need their help.



E-safety is very important.

Safety needs to be in your life.

Always be safe when you are on devices which enable you to go online.

Find,report and make sure people aren’t bulling you online.

Ensure you know these people you are talking to.

Take your chance to report cyber bullying.

You need to be safe online.


Every piece of info should be kept to yourself.

Some people go where they shouldn’t. Don’t be one of them.

A shocking idea: Do people know who you are?

Facebook and some other social network sites can use anything you write or ’post’. Don’t lie about your age to get on, you’re not missing anything!

E-safety is crucial- there are some bad people out there who want to find out who you are.

Try going on a moderated website; un-moderated can mean unsafe.

You are not always safe on a computer or electronic device.


Everyone can be safe online

Safe! Safe! Safe! You must be safe

Anyone could be a cyber bully

Friends could become influenced

Everyone needs to know the simple e-safety rules


People may be rude to you

Respect people you don’t know

Only talk to people you know

Tell if someone’s bullying you

Esafety is important so take care

Care for the people who help sort the problem


Be safe when using the Internet.

Enclosing cyber bullying is not needed.

Staying safe on any device is important.

Ask a parent if a site is safe or not.

Find a parent or guardian if you see an inappropriate website.


Ensure you’re on a safe website

Safety is important, so stick to it.

Anyone can HACK you. You don’t want that to happen.

Friendship isn’t always true on the web.

Try to keep safe.

You should never give away your private information.