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Nojus, Owen, David

Always type in the noun E.g. Mercury not.planet Mercury: correct,
Type in the correct spelling.
Be careful what images you are looking at.
NEVER tell anyone your personal details.
Computer facts could be a lie, look in a book instead or check on other credible websites.
If something upsets you turn it off or shut it down.
Tell an adult what site you are on.

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Callum, Blake

1. Spellings need to be correct.
2. Be careful when doing image searches.
3. Delete chain mail.
4. Check privacy settings
5. Keep passwords safe.



Searching the web can be very dangerous. That is why it is important that you are safe. Make sure you know what to do. It is important you know the top tips:

Make sure you’re making your searching obvious

Never type in inappropriate things

Always have an adult by your side while searching the web.





Kizzy, Josie, Georgia

This piece of information is about how to keep safe when downloading videos,, music , documents and so on. First of all, when downloading something, make sure a responsible adult is with you or doing it for you. The reason behind this it that some things that look really fun and cool that you decide to download could have viruses. People that setup viruses aren’t stupid when they put viruses on things they make it almost impossible to take them off your computer. A virus is a way of hacking onto a computer and when someone hacks into a computer they can look at all your personal information. What would your mum say if you downloaded something with a virus on it? Let me guess, she wouldn’t be very happy would she? To keep you safe take my advice and remember it. Thanks for reading...

Here are some websites we recommend you look at:

cbbc website



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