Katie, Gemma, Myki

Some people online might not be who you think they are.

Don’t give out personal information.

Never arrange to meet people from the Internet.

Never give out your school name or where you live.

Always tell a trusted adult if someone asks to meet up with you.

On chat rooms always use a nickname not your real name.

It is alright to tell the city/town that you live in.

If people do or say inappropriate things to you whilst in chatrooms always tell a trustworthy adult.

It’s not a good idea to put on your real age.

It’s not a good idea to put your mobile number on a website.

Wordle eperiment test #02



  • Never reply to or open spam messages.

  • Never arrange to meet anyone you have met online.

  • Never send your mobile number to strangers.

  • Never send pictures to anyone you don’t know.


Jessica, Tamie

  1. Don’t reply to nasty messages.

  2. Never reply to or open spam.

  3. Don’t send messages and pictures to people you don’t know.

  4. Don’t give your mobile number to people you don’t know.

  5. Never arrange to meet up with someone you don’t know .

  6. Never give out your personal details to people you don’t know.

  7. Don’t send your massage without permission.


Bobby, Lewis

Never give out your personal information

Never reply to strangers because you don't know who they are

Don't reply to nasty messages

Never reply to spam

Never ring random people on messenger

Don't send photos of yourself or in your school uniform


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