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Top seven tips!

Tip 1: Think before you send anything to someone you do not know.

Tip 2: If you start getting annoying, rude or nasty information on websites report it.

Tip 3: Put a nickname instead of your real name if a website asks for info.

Tip 4: If you see an inappropriate picture turn off the computer and tell an adult.

Tip 5: Remember to turn off the computer when you have finished with the internet.

Tip 6: Make sure you have anti-virus software.

Tip 7: Be careful what you download.

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Jack, Lydia, Joe

 Check your privacy settings
 Be careful what you put online
 Decide what’s public and what’s personal
 Don’t assume your friends settings are private
 Don’t put on anything stupid online

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Hamza, Jack

  • Establish your age limit, don’t lie.
  • Keep the computer in a well known area in the house.
  • Check your privacy settings regularly.
  • 22% of teenagers log in to their favourite social media account almost 10 times a day!

So now you know how to keep safe with social media…


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